Zotero taking forever to insert citation


Does Zotero take forever to insert a citation in Libre Office. If Firefox hammers away taking up 100% processor power while the Zotero progress bar just keeps going, here might some help to get going again.

The problem has been identified as a broken citation in a random footnote in this thread on the Zotero forums: http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/25173. Rather than a normal grey identifier box, the broken footnote citation only has a grey area around the end parenthesis (as illustrated below).

Having encountered the problem a couple of times, I thought I might share a good way of quickly identifying the broken citation so that it can be replaced and you can get on with your work.

As elegantly illustrated by the red arrow in the below screenshot, the LibreOffice Navigator (press F5) has a section called References which will hint you the broken citation when trying to insert a new one. In this case I simply searched for "2000, p. 60" which gave me the broken Freire citation which I deleted and re-inserted. Problem solved!

Zotero footnote problem

P.S. This is a very large thesis document which is why I did not simply scroll through the pages! I tried that a couple of times and it took forever!


Excellent! Thank you very much

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