Lars Bo Andersen

My name is Lars Bo Andersen and I am a researcher at Aarhus University. Most of my work revolves around the overall theme of ‘technology and social change’.

I use this website to maintain a publicly accessible archive of journal articles, conference papers, features and other ‘research products’. You may also find a short research biography, teaching materials etc.

I am generally very fond of craftsmanship, mechanics, computer programming and working with my hands alongside my head. I also have a great passion for everything on two wheels.

You are always welcome to contact me.

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Apr-16 2018
Science and Technology Studies, Teledialogue with placed children
Public digitization raises concerns that the distance between social workers and citizens will increase. Concerns which are particular prominent when digital technologies are introduced directly into the communication between social workers and citizens. On this background, this article investigates two questions: What exactly constitutes being 'close' or being 'distant' in the specific practices and situations of case managers interacting with placed children. And how are these forms of distance or closeness affected when case managers and children start to communicate through video conferencing, chat and texting. With an outset in Actor-Network Theory and experiences from a research project called Teledialogue, the article illustrates how the practice of case management operates through complex combinations of being close while maintaining distance. Combinations that were transformed by the digital technologies introduced with Teledialogue.

Science and Technology Studies, Teledialogue with placed children

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