Lars Bo Andersen

My name is Lars Bo Andersen. I am a researcher at University College Copenhagen where I work with - and do research on - the relationship between (information) technology and social change with a special focus on empowerment of children. Aside from that, I am very fond of craftsmanship, literature, mechanics, art, computer programming and working with my hands alongside my head. I also have a great affection for everything on two wheels.

I use this website to maintain a publicly accessible archive of journal articles, conference papers, features and other things I write or do (see below).

You are always welcome to contact me.

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Mar-20 2023
Teknologiforståelse (technology comprehension)
Abstract Processes of computational empowerment necessarily involve changing the relationships of power between children, digital technologies, and social contexts. However, research into computational empowerment rarely explicates a theory of power nor reflects on the dynamics of power implicated in attempts at empowerment. The purpose of this article is thus to investigate the problem of power in computational empowerment. The method applied is one of empirical philosophy. The article utilizes three paradigmatic cases describing how the power of computational empowerment is a matter of situated knowledge and agency, an outcome of invisible work, and a question of ontological politics. Keywords: Power, Computational empowerment, Situated agency, Infrastructure, Ontological politics, HCI

Teknologiforståelse (technology comprehension)

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