How to replace the freehub on a Focus Concept EX wheel


I have a 2012 Focus Mares AX4 with the freehub worn out – it turns only with a lot of friction.

Focus provided a new one for free even though warranty is expired (if you are not so lucky, try if the freehub suggested by Steffen in the comments will work).

However, it took me some time to figure out how to unscrew the old one. I couldn't find any diagrams or instructions online so if you're in the same situation, here is how its done.

  1. Pull out the axle and bearing balls. The bolt holding the freehub is invisibly placed inside the hub.
  2. Insert a 12mm allen key from the non-drive side.
  3. Find a piece of water pipe or similar to extend the allen key, you need a serious lever as the bolt is tight as ******
  4. The bolt unscrews counter-clockwise as normal but only if you apply serious force (from the non-drive side)

    The Concept EX Freehub



I have the same bike and my freehub just got broken.

It seems to be very difficult to find a sparepart?

I hope I can find one to avoid buying a whole new wheel!

/ Björn



Hi Björn

I got mine directly from Focus through my dealer. As I understand it, "Concept" is a private label of Focus, so perhaps spares are not commonly traded. Try writing Focus directly (or through your dealer), you may be in luck :-)

Good luck, I hope you get it sorted,


Do you have an image of he "pales" connecting freehub. i.e. underneat where the casette is mounted?
How much did you pay for the replacement freehub?

Thanks for you guide. I managed to get the freehub of, but it took a 1m bar (arm) and a stil a good amount of force to loosen it.

btw. The freehubs look like Easton Freewheel body Shimano C1/V1

Hey Steffen

Sorry, I somehow missed your comment. But good you got it off. My bar was also close to 1m - that thing is tight as ***** :-)

And thanks for the tip that the freehub might be an Easton Freewheel body Shimano C1/V1.


Hi guys, my dealear sais that he cant order such spare. So, is there any otrher freehub we can use on these wheels? :)


Annoying :(

My dealer got the replacement freehub directly from Focus but you can perhaps try a shimano c1/v1 as suggsted by Steffen and see if it fits and return it if it doesn't


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